Car servicing

Have your vehicle serviced regularly and properly and it’ll perform well and have a long life. Indy Performance services vehicles in the Emu Plains, Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains area.

To run at its best, a car needs more than just a change of oil filter every now and then.

At Indy Performance, we carry out full services, because we want you to enjoy happy, trouble free motoring.

We itemise everything we do for your car, so you can see clearly what we have done for you. We don’t believe in under-servicing or over-servicing.

In general, we follow the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer as set out in the service handbook. This includes frequency and type of service, oil and grease specifications and electronic maintenance, among other things. For older vehicles we use an industry standard checklist as our guide.

When should you bring your car in for a service?

To help you know when to bring your car back in for a service, we attach a sticker to your windscreen. On it you will find the kilometre reading or the date at which your next service is due. (We often suggest that you book a service when you reach the kilometre reading or the date, whichever is earlier. Short journeys may not lead to many kilometres travelled, but they can be harder on your car.)

If you are new to us, as a rule of thumb newer cars often need less frequent servicing — usually annually. Older cars may need servicing more often. If you’re in doubt, give us a call.