Why book your next service with Indy Performance

Since 1983, Indy Performance has seen a lot of customers come… and stay.

There’s no great secret to why customers keep coming back. They have a consistently good experience.

Customer service is personal, professional and straightforward. No hype. Things just get done, and done well, for a fair price.

If you want an explanation of the work that’s needed, or what your bill means, the team will explain it to you — in as much detail as you would like.

‘They feel like family friends,’ says one customer. ‘They greet me by name, they do their best to fit around my needs, they tell me what they’re doing with my car, and I know I can trust them to do a good job.’

Experience, and keeping pace with the evolution of vehicle technology, are the two most important factors when it comes to keeping a vehicle efficient and safe. Indy Performance’s team is highly qualified, and the workshop is equipped with the latest high tech gear.

While Indy Performance strives to minimise repair and service costs, the team’s priority is to complete quality repairs that are designed to last.

Indy Performance handles vehicle repairs and maintenance of all types, including:

  • log book servicing,
  • fuel injection repairs and servicing,
  • vehicle system scanning and diagnostics,
  • wheel alignment and balancing,
  • tyre repairs and replacement, and
  • routine mechanical repairs.

When your car is in need of repair or due for its next service, give Indy Performance a call, or send a service enquiry from this website.