We can perform checks for rego and sale

As an Inspection Station authorised by the RMS, Indy Performance can take care of the checks you need for registration renewal or sale of a vehicle. We do rego and safety checks for vehicles in the Emu Plains, Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains.

What is a safety check?

A safety checks looks at the basic mechanical state of your car. It focuses on parts of your vehicle that may be dangerous to you or your passengers, as well as other road users, if they are not working properly or are excessively worn.

Once your vehicle has passed a safety check, we send it as an electronic report to the RMS.

When do you need a safety check?

  • When you want to make new, or interstate, registrations.

    We can perform a vehicle identity and safety check. This is valid for four weeks, giving you time to register or transfer registration of the vehicle.

  • For rego renewal or transfer within NSW.

    We can carry out vehicle safety check, which is valid for six weeks, giving you or the new owner time to register the vehicle.

What sort of certificates and reports can we provide?

As an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS), we carry out:

  • vehicle safety checks (previously ‘pink slip’),
  • vehicle design checks if you’ve been given a defect notice (previously white slip) and you’ve had the defects repaired, and
  • safety check reports for renewing light vehicle registrations (see above).

What do we look for in a safety check?

  • Vehicle identification (AUVIS only),
  • whether your brakes work properly,
  • steering and suspension,
  • wheels and tyres,
  • condition of body,
  • seats and seat belts,
  • lights and headlight aim,
  • engine/drive line,
  • exhaust system,
  • towing attachment,
  • LPG system (accredited examiners only),
  • number (registration) plates (obscured, faded, unauthorised), and
  • that no dangerous protrusions are fitted (spotlight brackets, fishing rod holders etc.).