Automatic transmission service and repairs

Indy Performance maintain and repairs automatic transmission systems in vehicles from the Emu Plains, Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains area.

Most cars sold in Australia today have some form of automatic transmission. This takes care of gear changes for drivers, which can be particularly useful in slow, stop-start traffic.

There are different types of automatic transmission systems. By far the most common uses a fluid, spun out at high speed, to ‘lock’ a set of planetary gears in position at different points in a car’s acceleration. There are other systems, including CVT (continuously variable transmission) that does not have defined ‘steps’ between gears, and semi-automatic systems that retain a clutch-and-gear arrangement, as in manual cars, but perform the gear changes automatically for the driver.

The purpose of all of these systems, including manual, is to make best use of a car’s power (torque, or rotational power), which is at its greatest when the engine is revolving at a higher rate. At low speeds, a high engine speed translates (through the gearing) to low rotational speed at the wheels, allowing a car to accelerate with power. At high speed, the gearing transmits higher rotational speed from the engine. The highest gears (once called ‘overdrive’) transmit rotation to the wheels at a higher rate than the spin of the engine itself.

Automatic transmission systems are, because of the extra work they have to do, more complicated than manual ones. They usually use more fuel, though some systems are better than others in this regard.

Indy Performance can ensure that your automatic transmission is in the best health possible for performance and economy, and repair it as necessary.

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