Have your tyres repaired or replaced by Indy Performance

Good brakes or a powerful engine are nothing unless your tyres grip the road.

At Indy Performance we’re committed to safe, trouble free motoring.

And if you’ll excuse the expression, the rubber really meets the road when it comes to your tyres.

Running on bald tyres is false economy. All the driving energy of the engine, all the stopping power of the brakes gets transmitted through the tyres. If they do not grip the road properly, you run the risk of injuring yourself or others, because your vehicle can slide out of control.

We’ll keep an eye on your tyres. If your tyres are worn beyond safe levels, we can both recommend tyres and replace them, rebalancing your wheels at the same time.

If you have a puncture, we’re here to fix the damage and get you back on the road.

Book in now if your tyres need attention from Indy Performance.