We can fit and inspect your child restraints

Indy Performance is an authorised child restraint fitting station, servicing Emu Plains, Penrith and the Lower Blue Mountains.

It may surprise you to learn that two out of three car child seats are not fitted properly.

If you have any doubts about fitting child restraints, or need modifications to your car to fit them properly, book in to have the team at Indy Performance set your mind at rest.

We can:

  • inspect and adjust baby and child car seats to ensure they are fitted properly,
  • modify your vehicle if necessary (including adding more anchorage points) to install child car seats properly,
  • retro-fit lap and lap-sash seatbelts, and
  • demonstrate the right way to use your car seat, to give you confidence that your child is as safe as can be.

National child car seat laws

Babies up to six months of age must be secured in a rearwards-facing baby capsule.

Between six months and four years, children must be secured in an approved restraint that faces either forwards or backwards.

Children aged between four and seven years old must be secured in a forward facing child restraint or booster seat.

Children younger than years old may not travel in the front seat of a vehicle — unless there is only one row of seating. Between four and seven years old, the same rule applies unless all the other back seats are already occupied by children younger than seven years old in child restraints or booster seats.

Between seven years old and sixteen years old, children must use booster seats if they are too small to be restrained by seatbelts that are properly adjusted and fastened. (Suggested minimum height for normal seat belt use is 145 cm.)