Vehicle LPG maintenance and repairs

Looking for a mechanic in the Emu Plains, Penrith or Lower Blue Mountains area who can look after your car’s LPG system? Ask Indy Performance to take care of LPG maintenance and repairs.

To keep your car’s LPG system healthy, your intake and ignition systems need to be in good condition, and your car’s tuning needs to be right. Indy Performance can ensure that your spark plugs, ignition cables and air filters are going to give you the performance and savings you should expect from LPG.

More about LPG

LPG, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is a mix of propane and butane, for the most part. (This contrasts with the LPG you may use domestically, from tanks or in your barbecue, which is butane.)

Kept under pressure, LPG can be delivered to your car as a liquid. As it passes to the engine it expands into a gas, and burns ‘dry’.

LPG can provide performance that is almost as good as that of petrol, with significant savings. Emissions can be lower, and engine life longer.

While both Ford and Holden once offered LPG models, the end of manufacturing in Australia by these two companies means that LPG is now available only in used cars or commissioned by owners from specialist LPG converters. The cost of conversion means that it often makes economic sense only for larger vehicles doing high kilometres per year.