Indy Performance helps your car perform right

Indy Performance is an independent, high-tech automotive workshop, based in Emu Plains. And no, we’re not here for performance cars, but to get your vehicle to perform at its best in daily use.

While you may have been looking for a ‘car mechanic’ , these days you need someone who can diagnose and work with the latest in car technology. That’s what Indy Performance does.

Indy Performance has been taking care of cars for locals in Emu Plains, Penrith and the lower Blue Mountains for over thirty years.

It all begins with diagnostics

You may have heard stories about mechanics who can listen to a car and tell you what its problems are. And there is truth in them.

At the same time, modern cars also help us along. They incorporate sensors and ‘brains’ that keep track of their parts and functions, from tyre pressure to timing.

Indy Performance has diagnostic machines that plug into these ‘brains’ and give us a clear idea of what’s going on. This lets us zero in on the things to fix, so that we can get straight on to sorting them out for you.

All the services you need

We take care of general repairs, fuel injection, brake, clutch and tuning. We test cars for their ‘pink slips’. We also repair and change tyres. In short, everything you need from a car mechanic you can rely on.

The Indy Performance team provides quality repairs for most makes and models of vehicles — 4WDs, light commercials, vans, utes and family cars — including European models.

Indy Performance has a reputation for efficiency and dedication to customer satisfaction.

All work is guaranteed using quality parts at competitive rates. Our friendly consultation ensures you get exactly the job you want.

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